Annual Ion Adamache Paper Contest


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                     Annual "Ion Adamache" Technical Paper Contest is back!

Are you a specialist in the E&P industry?

Are you a Romanian young professional and do you have an interesting scientific paper that was published in 2016?

Or maybe you're part of a team of Romanian young people who have already developed a scientific paper?

Are you motivated and want to win a prize worth 1,000 Canadian dollars?

Then all you have to do is to apply until January 31, 2017 (you can do it on behalf of your entire team).

Paper Contest enrollment:

Submit the file with the application form at ICPT Campina Secretary (Culture Boulevard, no. 29, Campina, Prahova county):

Contact:  Cristina Spătaru                   


 In your application you specify:

  • Paper's title;
  • Author (team of authors);
  • When the author (team) started the research/design activities which results are present in this paper, financial source and how was the author (team) rewarded till the moment of application;
  • The date on which the author (team) has concluded research / design activities;
  • In which specialized journal the results were published, namely the technical and scientific events where was the paper presented and events agenda where this paper was published;
  • If there were any other results obtained after the previous communication, information from the users regarding these, and which is the practical application perspective;
  • Complete address of the authors, companies in which they work and their addresses;
  • In your application you will attach a copy of the paper;
  • Please make a list of the documents attached to the file;
  • Are not taken into consideration the applications in which only a part of the authors require the registration.


Evaluation of the paper:

The committee which will evaluate, rank the applications and will select the winner (or the team winner), is a joint committee (ICPT Campina and SPE Romanian Section), and it will be announced subsequently

Communication of the results:

In April 2017 will be the Awarding event that will include the official presentationw of the works admitted to the competition and Awarding ceremony.

Below you can find the complete rules of the contest "Ion Adamache" in romanian language:

Regulamentul "Ion Adamache" 

For further details, questions or concerns, feel free to write to or you can contact us on our Facebook page SPE_YP_Romania.


Ion Adamache (1923 - 1998) was a Romanian researcher, holder of a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering and who immigrated to Canada in 1977. Fluent in 6 languages, Ion Adamache has worked in countries such as France, China, Iran, Italy, Russia, Libya, helping to develop research areas in which he worked. He had 25 patents and has published a book titled "Production Pumps". This competition was made possible by Ph.D. Eng. Ion Adamache, which left a will in which ICPT Cmpina was named beneficiary of a fund of 25 000 Canadian dollars to be invested in and only for the granting of an Annual Award worth 1000 Canadian dollars for the best published scientific paper .